I'm a Sydney lad, Balmain Tigers tragic, surfer, physio, commodities trader, true blue, Irish citizen, German speaker, French singer and Chinese whisperer. Most of all, I like telling stories. And Cape Bardo's the place I go to tell 'em. 

I believe story is everything, everything is story. Whether you're reading one or writing your own, there's a magic taking shape between your imagination and those tender words on a page, a magic that's yours alone, a magic that will outlive us all.

When you read one of my stories, I hope you're desperately turning pages, walking a tightrope between laughing hysterically and crying like a newborn. That's my general experience of life itself and, as someone once said, write what you know. Seems reasonable. 

The nicest thing anyone's ever said about my writing, and this is from reading Slippery, is that they felt as though they were being punched in the face...and loving every minute of it. Again, this depiction cuts close to the bone of my general experience of day-to-day life, serving honourably as a punching bag for some grander force, and loving every minute of it.

I hope you enjoy my scribbles, that they inspire you to find a Cape Bardo of your own and bring your essence to the page. You won't regret it. Much. This is life-changing, life-affirming, dangerous, wonderful stuff.


Enjoy, LC

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