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I'm a writer, surfer, commodities trader, physiotherapist, True Blue, Irish citizen, German speaking, French singing, Chinese whispering, technology distrusting, Balmain Tigers tragic.


Most of all, I like telling stories, and Cape Bardo's where I go to tell 'em.


Why Cape Bardo?


Well, the buddhists claim Bardo is the place between death and rebirth where you reflect on your past life before embarking on your next one. Google Maps nowadays, and the Gregory's long before, they claim Bardo's the name of the road I grew up on in Newport Beach, Sydney.


Surely one of them's right! Either way, thanks for checking out Cape Bardo.


Hopefully my yarns have you ripping through pages, laughing, crying, questioning the knuckleheads in charge and looking at the world with a new tinge of wonder.


Cheers, LC

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