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Hooroo Love aka Jack's Way Home

*Feature Film Screenplay and Poem


In the rural town of Boodji, an 80year old cobber Jack is given months to live thanks to terminal lung cancer. Stoic through and through, he decides best not to tell a soul. Hours later his wife, Carol, passes away in the Boodji nursing home's dementia ward, moments before she can blow the candles out on her 80th birthday cake. Jack decides to set off on a mobility scooter for the 200km journey to their special place by the sea, Yabbara Beach, the place they wed 55 years earlier, determined to ensure Carol's dying wish comes true. He is joined, reluctantly at first, by his corporate high-achieving daughter, Jules, and his chubby, cherub faced grandson, William, on what becomes the adventure of a lifetime for them all.

*If you would like to read the script or the look book, please get in touch via the Contact page.

**I've adapted this story into a poem. Click link below to check that out. 

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