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Welcome to Cape Bardo, where Story is Everything. In Tibetan Buddhism, Bardo is a state of existence between death and rebirth. In Newport Beach, Sydney, Bardo Road is a place I spent a lot of time growing up, dodging funnel webs, doing wheelies, sipping Fanta. There could be some deep meaning to connect these dots. There probably isn't.

My concept of Cape Bardo is simple - it's the place a writer goes to bring their stories to life. And this is the place where I spend as much time as possible. This cape is a shelter from the world where thoughts can come from wherever thoughts come from and flow onto the page. And those words on the page, they have the power to transport a reader to a whole new universe and leave a writer with some sense of who they truly are, frightening as that may be.

Thank you for visiting my page. Thank you even more if you've read my books or you're busy contemplating getting seriously involved in one of my scripts. But, most of all, thank you if you're working right now to bring your stories to life. Keep going! As David Lynch says so well, "Creating is the coolest thing you can do."


Be cool, scribble.

Liam Carroll

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