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Novels by Liam Carroll

When I came into this world at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital on October 27, 1980, my parents couldn't agree on what to call me so my name was simply "Baby" Carroll and there was nothing but a perfectly blank canvas of life that lay ahead. For Christmas I was gifted the name "Liam Joseph" and I've tried ever since to make that a name worth remembering.


As a youngster I wanted nothing more than to play rugby league for the Balmain Tigers, to run out on to Leichhardt Oval and hear the crowd roar. In my teens I wanted to be like Dr Fred Hollows and help the most vulnerable people in some way, to bring first world healthcare to third world patients. In my twenties I wanted to be rich, to trade oil, gold and anything else, to make Gordon Gekko weep. And now, in my thirties, I want to write stories that people simply can't put down, create page-turners that allow a reader to be taken to a new world with the power and the magic of words.


It is a selfish pursuit and I am indeed one very selfish man because I'm chasing something far beyond fame or fortune, I'm chasing immortality, the eternal life that only words on a page can provide for the author and his characters if they're good enough to be passed on from generation to generation. I'm sure to fail miserably at this task as I have with all my previous ambitions but writing's just too fun and immortality too alluring to not give it a red hot crack.


Happy reading and best wishes with everything life has in store for you. I hope luck's on your side and you know exactly what you're chasing and why you can't rest until it's yours. 



Liam Joseph Carroll

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"Baby" Carroll, 
Christmas Eve, 1980
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