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I'm a Sydney lad, Balmain Tigers fan, keen surfer, movie lover, physiotherapist, commodities trader, true blue, Irish citizen, German speaker, French singer, Chinese whisperer.

I'm fearful of an imminent cyborg takeover, but have grown weary of attempting to convince people to rewatch Terminator 2, awaken a healthy distrust of technology. This thing we call "life" is probably a video game in some galactic toddler's iPad anyhow. I'm cool with that.  

I hope you like my books, scripts, blogs and any other scribbles. Blood, sweat and tears go into their creation, and you can never know if such an endeavour will be met with rapturous applause, bitter loathing or a lifeless whimper of utter indifference. That's the gamble every writer takes. Roll the dice mate.

For me, it's worth it. I believe story is everything, that words on the page hold the power to transport a reader to a whole new world and give a writer some sense of who they truly are, frightening as that may be.

I'm searching to create and experience what Werner Herzog describes as the "Ecstasy of Truth," to reach that fabled place a deeply life-affirming story can take you, a destination where you see the wondrous horror of infinity and embrace it, grateful to inhabit your precious speck of cosmic dust while you can.

We owe it all to a big bang. Nothing can ever be more beautifully poetic than that. 

Peace xo


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