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Owing to my complete obsession with Fight Club but blessed with a complete lack of physical courage to want to fight anyone, ever, I’m looking to set up a Manly Write Club.


This would be a night, once a month I guess, in Manly, where a bunch of (aspiring) storytellers could meet up, crack an ice cold Vic, or whatever lubricant takes ya fancy, around a soul warming fire, have a quick chat about whatever nonsense that may be unravelling in the real world at the time, then settle in to share (an excerpt of) a story you may be working on, a poem, some jokes you’re trying to psych yourself into telling as a stand up, or a letter to someone important that you’re not quite ready to send off to yet or perhaps even a letter to someone that’s not even here anymore to send to.


There is something therapeutic in writing anything creatively. You may not know it yet, but your subconscious is working damn hard right now to figure out all the nuanced complexities of the universe, and by you simply taking the time to craft a story it may end up telling you more about yourself than you could ever possibly imagine.


The kicker is this, you write your little ditty on paper, old school, pen to page, and once you’ve shared your story, read it aloud to your contemporaries, we cheers your work, give you any feedback we feel compelled to give, cheers you again and you throw the words into the fire for, you guessed it, another cheersing, and you keep the evening burning along with your page of scribbles.


You should obviously keep the work on file somewhere else in case you’re on track for a Pulitzer, but the Manly Write Club’s fire needs your hard thought, ink-pulp fuel.


Now, of course, the first rule of Write Club...YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT WRITE CLUB. If people go on to share their work in the public domain, epic, good for them! But that is up to them. Anything shared in Write Club is never to be shared by anyone but the author. If that rule is broken, well, Fight Club begins. Stacks on, baby!!


If you’re interested, hit the link in bio to send me an email. Do not send an Instee DM! My old phone doesn’t work that claptrap.


Hopefully we can get a few starters. I’m certain the best storytellers on earth are hiding in jobs of all sorts, their gifts for crafting ripping yarns going undiscovered. Ideally something like this might awake the magic in those very people.

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