Kai Martin's debut book, "My Dad, My Hero" is available now for $20! BARGAIN! Don't be shy, buy truckloads! And that $20 includes shipping.

*Unfortunately this offer is only available to people in Oz

Backstory: In July 2018, Sean Rufty Martin had some pretty rotten luck. Since then he's stoically endured all manner of medical procedures, a terrifying loss in mobility and function, and a glimmer of hope now that it appears the lump in his brain that was the root of it all has been successfully and completely removed. A miracle in and of itself. But now the future remains uncertain, no one truly able to know what functional redemption is possible and if Rufty's once fit as a fiddle, blonde afro'd, Godly physique will grace the planet again in the almighty manner we grew so accustomed to.

To celebrate Sean's 40th, illustrator Marty Schneider and I teamed up with Rufty's son Kai to tell the story of his dad, his hero. We've tried our best to capture Rufty's Herculean effort in fighting on every day, and as much as Rufty may struggle to see it right now, the way he's carried himself since July 2018 has been truly inspirational, an epic hero in every sense of the word.

You can read Kai's story in digital form below.

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