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Cape Bardo is the place I go to tell stories. 


I believe story is everything, everything is story. Narrative and language hold the power to transport you to an otherwise unreachable universe and give a writer some sense of who they truly are, frightening as that may be.

This is dangerous, life-changing, life-affirming stuff. It's everything.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my stories, and thank you if you're busy right now in your own Cape Bardo, bringing your stories to life. Keep going! 

As David Lynch says so well, "Creating is the coolest thing you can do."

Be cool, create.


I'm a Sydney lad, Balmain Tigers fan, surfer, physio, commodities trader, true blue, Irish citizen, German speaker, French singer, Chinese whisperer.

Most of all, I like telling stories.

Bardo, in Tibetan Buddhism, is a state of existence between death and rebirth. In Sydney’s Newport Beach however, Bardo Rd is a place I’d go on weekends to spend at my dad's when I was a little fella.

Sip Fanta, ride BMX, dodge Funnel Web spiders. Living well.

Cape Bardo is the name I've given to my writer’s refuge, the place my mind wanders, fingers tap and I hope like hell to give the stories in my mind an eternal life in words on the page.

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