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"This is a lad's story about capitalism on steroids. It makes the world of Gordon Gecko look positively gentlemanly. You won't be able to put it down."

Margot Costanzo

"You'll be equal parts shocked, offended and cack your pants laughing watching the ever self serving Flynn James try to decide whether full realization is better found by climbing in or out of the guilded cage of money, women and power. Carroll asks the question: is Existentialism best washed down with a Heineken or a Victoria Bitter, or does is matter as long as someone is giving you a blow job and you're getting really, really pissed?"

The Gras Man

"'Slippery' grapples with the absurdity of life and the financial world. What's real? What's fiction? Not sure I want to know. Tore through this book in a day. Compelling, hilarious reading."

Mike Fraser, Business Card Owner

"Fantastic read, fast paced, laugh out loud action as Liam Carroll takes us from the world of physiotherapy treatments to precious metals trading to the expat lifestyle of a commodities trader in Asia. Wolf of Wall Street meets Enron 'same same but different'. Highly recommend it."

Melanie D

"This book is an absolute ripper! It feels like a combination of Hunter S Thompson and Anthony Bourdain with a splash of early Marco Pierre White! Flynn, aka Slippery, aka Liam Carroll is a very naughty boy! His journey through the seamy underworld of global commodities trading is a ribald 'hold onto your seats' rollicking yarn. Enjoy the journey through the seedy, booze filled trading culture in Singapore and Shanghai as Slippery is blooded from naive apprentice to global trader. This is laugh out loud funny with a tight, well honed writing style that is very hard to put down."

Geoff Fowlstone

"Wow! Fasten your seatbelts as Carroll's character, Flynn James, lights a fire on page 1 and we're in like Flynn, watching fascinated as it sizzles, splutters and burns through all 386 pages. Carroll's slick use of first person, present tense and punchy dialogue takes us on a non-stop, jaw-dropping sweep through Asia's financial floor trading, binge drinking and equally predatory guys and girls. Flynn wings it as he quickly grasps the intricacies and deceits of commodities dealing in Singapore and Shanghai and the young guy from Manly hits the big time. But wait, there's more, as we are thrust into the shattering finale! Carroll's first novel will be a hard act to follow!!"

Ted Spink, Avalon Stalwart

"This is a young man's story set in a modern, edgy environment, with language and attitude to match. As an old man, it took me a few pages to become used to the pace and the style. I was won over however by the author's descriptions of people. The characters felt real, they were easy to picture and filled the pages. I then hung on for the colourful, literary ride and loved it"

Jeff Parsons, The Whistler: Born to Try

"What a great and refreshing change from the usual. Flynn's exploits will make you laugh and cringe and even shock you, unless you've been or are, a trader, in which case you will just nod in understanding, no doubt. Whatever, you won't want to put this book down. As the author lays bare, literally so at times, the mirky trading world of Singapore and China, which Flynn is well and truly sucked up in, the reader is introduced to a range of colourful characters and equally colourful exploits. Flynn's travels in Mexico, Indonesia and Geneva as well as Singapore and China mean this isn't so much about trading as travel though. Looking forward to the next book!"

Sarah Morrison, Scottish Humanitarian SuperMum and Patient Wife

"Hilarious, shocking and damn interesting. Innocent Sydney sports recovery professional becomes flagrant trader bastard and takes the audience on a whirlwind behind the scenes look into what's behind the curtain"

Andrew Maciver, International Man of Mystery and Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking

"I saw, I conquered. Slippery is a modern day Caesar, setting his sights on life's big prizes and taking everything he wanted along the way until a twist of fate. I could complain about Slippery being a bit(!) of an assh*le and maybe painting a too clear of a picture sometimes (I'm all for descriptive language but let the story roll!) but it really made it all that much more fun. The same price as that movie on your hotel TV and twice the fun. So get on it!"

Brian, Young at Heart

"Full Throttle! Crazy. I'll take note now that I'm going to Wall Street"

J Murray

"This is an engaging and at times hilarious page-turner. I found myself at turns disgusted, amused and even faintly aroused by the actions of Flynn. However, you can't help but be blown along with the whirlwind adventures of the protagonist as he leaves behind his physiotherapy career for the heady heights of commodity trading in Asia, all thanks to an ever-so-slightly tenuous CV, a fortuitous phone call and the wherewithal to outwit the other greasy ladder-climbers encountered during the hiring process."

Adrian Doyle, Proud Deviant Mancunian

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