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Have a squiz at Balmain in 1988 through the knowing eyes of a loveable, little lard.

A freckly 7 year old is coming to grips with his new Catholic school, the Tigers are half a chance for a premiership, he has a new baby sister due any moment and there's just not enough pocket money to feed a dangerous Fanta and Paddle Pop addiction. 



The sequel to Slippery

Flynn James is on the run with a

rusty scooter, bags full of cash and

Jakarta in the rear vision mirror.


Australian SAS soldier, Morgan Jones, is stationed in Afghanistan. Disgusted at his involvement in the war of terror, he decides one night to simply walk off into the mountains. He smuggles himself to Indonesia, writes a novel on the true nature of war, hitting the best seller list in his homeland while he's blissfully unaware, surfing, spear fishing and hiding out in remote, tropical paradise. He is eventually tracked down, seized and returned to Australia as a war criminal. The staunch right wing PM, flailing in the polls with an election looming, senses PR glory and grants Morgan an official pardon. A free man, famous throughout Australia for his heavily left-leaning world view, he is approached by the opposition leader to join their party...

Despite noble intentions and enlightened streams of thought, will Morgan's vision transform the Aussie way of life or end in a primal, lefty bloodbath?


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