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Tell me what ya think of my Sweet Dreams of Fanta and be quick about it, it's nearly lunch time.

A fantastic trip down memory lane for anyone who lived in Sydney in the 80's and a delightful story told by little Li Li, our wise and funny guide to this world. The details of his everyday life and adventures are keenly observed and offer a positive message about overcoming obstacles and standing up for yourself and sticking up for others. I wish him luck in his quest to find his knuckles. Highly recommended to make you smile. 

Christa Mood, Narooma

I'd choose this book over a can of Fanta any day. And that's saying something because I really love Fanta. 

Sean Stockman, Melbourne

Sweet Dreams of Fanta takes you on the journey of a tubby little underdog from Balmain. It is an entertaining book for young readers looking for everyday, relatable inspiration in overcoming life's challenges. For older readers it brings back great memories of 1988, of home life before the digital age, of junk food and, most of all, the jungle-like nature of school life and how to survive those bullies who always seem to know just the best way to kick the boot in. 

Sean Martin, Manly

This is an emotional book and I almost cried in some parts. I really did think about how lucky I am not being bullied the same way Liam was. I especially liked when he goes horse riding and sees that he actually has knuckles under his chubby hands like the skinny kids. 

Tigri Olofsson, Manly

This is one cool book. I really liked reading about Liam's school stories. His dog Lizzie was my favourite. And now I know what a dunny is!

Owen Kenneally, Harrington Park

I wish Liam was my friend so I could tell the bullies to go away. He is funny and a nice boy.

Luka Adonis, Currumbin

This hilarious yet touching account of being a fat kid in 1988 is as distinctive as the taste of Fanta - without the sickeningly sweet aftertaste.

Liam's Mum, Trish, Artarmon

Please comment your reviews below, good and bad, sweet and savoury, whatever you like.

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