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2018's Project in the Works...

Convicted hit man, Nigel McBride, is about to be released from Long Bay Jail after 15 years behind bars. A reformed man, he has two very simple and clear goals; to live a reputable life without risk of ever returning to a cell, and secondly, far more importantly, to win back the love of his now 16year old daughter, Liz. 


Civilised society is harsh on ex-cons, as too are teenage daughters nursing severe abandonment issues, and Nigel has his work cut out for him.

Unable to find work and making zero progress of forming a loving relationship with his daughter, Nigel decides his only hope of earning Liz's love, as well as finding gainful employment, lies in winning The Voice.


Serendipity, thy name is Delta. Hilarity, mayhem, catharsis, carnage, triumph....yeah, they all ensue.

I'm working hard to make "The Hit Man" ready to grace the page in the not too distant future and hopefully it will find its way to the screen as well.

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