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Gents, do you hate reading but still want to look smart (and mysterious) while riding on the ferry, bus, train, plane and chopper?

Perhaps you're not the most educated lad, excuse me for not exploring my tantric bisexuality for 7 years of an arts/literature degree, but you know full well that nothing beats leafing through the stained pages of juicy pulp to guarantee the attention of bespectacled, librarian hotties on an otherwise mundane public transport journey of misery.

You need a searing piece of smouldering lit in your hairy palmed hands. Why not make sure it's something worth reading? Well, you've come to the right place.


The What's Lit, What's Shit Book Club

March 2018


by Gregory David Roberts

January and February's books, I must admit, are amazing books and almost universally impossible to dislike, which is fine. And I love great books with supreme quality that essentially we can all agree on, but you know what I like much, much, much more? Books that basically cut humanity straight down the middle in perfect symmetry.


Enter Shantaram, by the pony tailed wonder of Gregory David Roberts.


For every person that believes Shantaram is a divine work of art sent straight from heaven to earth through the heroin addict scribbles of its author, you will find just as many people who will waste little time in declaring wholeheartedly that this book is the biggest piece of overly-prolonged shit ever to pollute the pages of its own existence and even the pages of history itself.

Well who knows hey? But I simply cannot wait to learn what you all think.

Quick warning (and this may give you insight from the outset that this book is perhaps a tad convoluted) Shantaram is close to 1,000 pages long. So I wouldn't advise trying to knock this over during the course of one bus ride home.

Leave your reviews below and help us all to work out if Shantaram is lit or shit. Cheers, Liam

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